Who are we?

PrimaPerfect is a Melbourne based consultancy and one-stop-shop solution for Australian small and medium-sized businesses that want to grow, get compliant and have a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Offering business improvements solutions in different aspects, either to get certificates or just to have the best practice, will help SMEs to improve their customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and avoid unwanted complications. 

We work step by step with you to enhance your business by offering training, document preparations and gap analysis which leads to a competitive advantage your customers love.

Founded by Armin Honarasa after several years of experience working with SMEs across Australia and assisting them in reaching their goals.

What can we do for you?

Businesses run by processes. The process is the order of things you do to prepare and deliver your product/service to your customers. With the fast-changing world and new demands by customers, the old and outdated processes do not fit the purpose anymore.

We help to make innovative plans to improve your current processes, then assisting you to implement them and check whether they are successful and make an action plan based on your business needs and industry and ensure you achieve your desired results.

We are specialised in Team innovation, ISO Compliance, Branding and B2B Marketing.

As a small business ourselves, we understand the ups and downs of small teams and their limitations. We tailor a solution designed and appropriate for your business needs and not be one-size-fits-all. We listen to your concerns, objectives, goals and challenges and work closely with you to find a solution for them.

Your business might be already very close to being ISO compliant by all the hard work you have done. We can be your partner to assess how ready you are to get your ISO Certifications. Since we have a very diverse experience in different parts of businesses, our solution will be adopted easily by all different departments of your organisation, such as finance, marketing, etc.

Take this 10 questions Quiz to assess your compliance level for popular ISO standards:

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We are proudly the exclusive representative of COGNICERT UK in Australia

Why should you work with PrimaPerfect?

Businesses these days are getting more and more complicated and there many factors and elements influencing their performance. There are a number of departments that should work and communicate smoothly together to reach organisational goals, and working in silos can be very destructive and lead business away from desired outcomes.

It is sometimes a hassle to bring all departments onboard and make them demonstrate the same message, especially when you work with various suppliers, consultants and training providers for each team.

In PrimaPerfect we understand this challenge and by providing diversified solutions such as Compliance, B2B & B2C marketing, Business innovation, Branding, Business process improvement, Health & Safety, etc. we engage everyone in your organisation to learn and accept the change.

In other words, we are not only a compliance & certification company but are an advisory partner that uplift all your business parts to the next level.

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