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ISO Certificate for Facility Management Industry

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The Facilities Management Services industry in Australia is responsible for a range of non-core services for a variety of businesses. Businesses have increasingly outsourced non-core activities over the past five years, which has assisted the industry's performance. However, the COVID-19 outbreak has weighed heavily on industry demand over the two years through 2020-21.

These days all local, state and federal government tenders require the suppliers to be compliant with the International Standards or ISO. Other non-government parties such as major companies, etc are also expecting these standards as a requirement before considering any facility management service provider or sub-contractor.

There are three ISO standards for facility management businesses to make them achieve:

  • Respond to government tenders

  • Access specialised markets

  • Improve their image (branding) and be part of an international system

  • Be recognised worldwide

  • Generate trust and customer satisfaction

To achieve customer satisfaction through commitment to quality in a facility management business, they must adhere to the principles of ISO 9001. These principles include establishing customer requirements, meeting those requirements consistently, and providing relevant information and support. By adhering to these principles, organizations can provide their customers with a high level of quality and reliability, and can increase their chances of maintaining customer satisfaction.

Adding to the above items, ISO standards provide the guideline, systems and pathways that take your facility management business to next level. Here are some of what involves in each standard 


ISO 9001:2015

  • Quality objectives and strategies to achieve them

  • Risk assessment for business and projects, and how to manage them

  • Quality Management System and how to provide the best quality every time

  • Design and development input, output and changes control

  • Finding out the problems, learning from them and taking corrective actions

  • Provide consistently high-quality products to your customers

ISO 14001:2015

  • Provide systems and methods to protect the environment

  • Setting up objectives to manage environmental systems

  • Waste management plan and strategies

  • Make your Facility Management business accountable for its environmental footprint

  • Prevent pollution, increase efficiency and enhance compliance

  • Prevent complications with authorities

  • Improve image with the public, regulators, lenders, and investors


ISO 45001:2018

  • Work health and safety systems and procedures

  • Health and safety objectives and strategies

  • Communicate the importance of WHS with everyone involved in your business

  • Proper systems to demonstrate your commitment to your employees' health and well-being and to continuous safety improvement

  • Be fully legally compliant and avoid fines and punishments

  • Prevent incidents before they happen by implementing risk analysis and continuous improvement

  • mitigate any factors that can cause employees and businesses irreparable harm

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What's the process of getting ISO certified?

The Facilities Management Services industry is anticipated to perform well over the next five years as increasing business activity supports rising demand following the COVID-19 pandemic. Awareness of the benefits of using industry services will continue to rise and an increasing share of government departments are anticipated to outsource key contracts over the period. Getting ISO compliant can definitely open new avenues for your business and make it grow faster.

However, the standards require a very specific set of documents to be prepared, developed and audited. Many of your existing documents can be modified and improved to be ISO compliant. There is a list of mandatory documents for each standard which are the bare minimum to get your ISO 9001, 14001 or 45001 certifications.

We, at PrimaPerfect, can help you design and develop these documents. First, we run a Gap analysis to find out what you have and what you need. After developing the documents (more than 50 different docs & procedures), we provide full training to your staff to ensure everyone understood what these standards are and what they mean. By any means, it is not useful, if your staff are not on the same page as you.

We perform an Internal Audit to make sure everything is perfect and then you are ready for your certifications.

Here, we can refer you to the Certification bodies we are partnered with and arrange those ISO certificates at a very competitive price.


Since we have done this process for similar businesses and facility management companies in the past, the process is quite smooth and straightforward. 

Check: All you need to know about ISO Certifications

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