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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if we are not compliant?
    We make sure your systems and documents are ready before the external audit. However, some auditors have different opinions and may ask for more documents/records/info etc. They expect you to rectify these issues within 6-8 weeks. We will develop, create and fix what your auditor asked you at no cost.
  • What factors are affecting my certification process?
    These are some factors that will affect the process: 1- Your company size 2- Number of products/services 3- Existing policies, procedures and forms 4- Availability of your staff 5- Identified SWOT analysis, stakeholders etc. 6- Number of certificates your need 7- Cooperation level with the consulting firm
  • How long does it take to get ISO certifications?
    It may not seem like it at first, but most projects take between 3-6 months before they are finished. This time frame can vary depending on many factors such as how big your project is and if there any complications along the way.
  • What is after consultation?
    We want you to be confident in your company's ISO compliance, so we perform an audit before the certification body does. We perform an Internal Audit to ensure you are ready for final audit. Then you can engage a Certification Body (who is authorised to issue certificates) to perform a External Audit and issue certificates.
  • How much does it cost to get ISO certifications?
    It really depends on your scope of work. Your certification process starts with consultation, then preparing and developing required and mandatory documents and forms. For consultation and preparation and internal audit, it can cost around $5,000. (for a single certificate) The next step is to get externally audited by a certification body which should be obtained from them accordingly.
  • What happens after we get our certifications?
    We help you to maintain your company's ISO certification, to stay compliant and on top of the requirements. We'll make sure that every year, or whenever necessary (depending upon how often it is necessary), our team visits in order for us both have a better understanding about what needs maintenance within this area so as not repeat any mistakes from before-then after these audits take place; together we can work towards achieving even higher goals!
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