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ISO 9001
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Do you need ISO 9001 Certification?

What is ISO 9001?

The ISO 9000 family of quality management systems is an international set of standards that help organizations ensure they meet customer and other stakeholder needs within statutory, regulatory requirements related to a product or service.


ISO 9001 is about your commitment to the promises you made with customers and planning how best we can deliver on those goals through quality assurance, improvement initiatives etc. The latest version of this international standard has focused more on leadership roles as well as what it takes for leaders not only to recognize their own strengths but also take actions accordingly when faced with challenges or opportunities so they don't get lost among others who could do a better job than them.

The mark of a certified company is an assurance to customers that their rights will be protected. Whether you are in the construction, manufacturing or service industries- this certification ensures compliance with all industry standards for quality management and customer satisfaction.

It's important because these days many people demand it as part of any contract before they agree on signing.

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To become a fully-fledged ISO 9001-certified company, you will need to prepare several documents along with an action plan that demonstrates your intention of performing them and moving toward improvement.

PrimaPerfect can help you prepare for your certification process by creating a Quality Management System (QMS) and all other documents necessary before engaging a Certification Body.

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