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What is the QHSE incident register and why do you need it?

Quality Health & Safety - Environment (QHSE or SHEQ or HSQE) incident register is an essential concept in ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 standards. It refers to the safe state of living, working and travelling in an environment free from unnecessary risks.

A QHSE incident register helps with accountability and prevention. Every worker stays responsible for keeping a written record of the incidents to prevent further damage and happening again. This helps managers oversee the process and identify areas of weakness.

Additionally, it allows managers to identify and address workers who have poor training which can foster a healthy work environment in the first place.

Effective solutions to QHSE incidents are found in the incident register, which must be filled and completed rigorously by job supervisors, managers and their representatives. Managers analyze data collected from their workers' QHSE incident registers to find best practices for maintaining a safe and sustainable workplace.

Incidents are classified based on the cause and types. These are the main types of incidents in the QHSE register:

  • Hazard

  • Near miss

  • First aid

  • LTI (Lost Time Injury)

  • Medical treatment

  • Minor Environment Incident

  • Significant Environment Incident

Afterwards, actions are taken based on the classification of the solution to address each type of incident. This allows the team to effectively the issue in that area without repeating the same action over and over.

The incidents registered here are used to identify non-conformities and develop corrective actions. These are mandatory parts of ISO standards that must be carefully recorded and maintained for the purpose of internal/external audits.

#QHSE incident registers templates are readily available online, making them easy to maintain. Many organizations keep a paper QHSE incident register for internal use only. However, there is no reason not to make a register available online for anyone to access.

This allows employees from different organizations to share information about incidents and requirements of the standards between workplaces. It also allows other stakeholders access to the working environments outside of work hours and weekends. In this way, everyone benefits from a QHSEincident register!

Maintaining a QHSE incident register is essential for managing any business and maintaining safety in any workplace environment. Incidents are easily identified and resolved when recorded properly. Plus, staff members can refer to your Register when determining how best to prevent future incidents.

Ultimately, keeping an incident register promotes a safe and healthy working environment for everyone!

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