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ISCC EU Standard for CoC Compliance Package


This digital product is a comprehensive template package designed to help organizations comply with the ISCC EU Standard for Chain of Custody (CoC). The package includes detailed procedures, policies, and supporting documentation to ensure your organization meets the requirements of this important sustainability standard.



By using this ISCC EU CoC Compliance Package, your organization can:

  • Streamline the implementation of the ISCC EU CoC standard
  • Ensure consistent and compliant practices across your supply chain
  • Reduce the time and resources required to develop and maintain ISCC EU CoC documentation
  • Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing to customers and stakeholders
  • Gain a competitive advantage in the market by meeting the growing demand for certified sustainable products


This ISCC EU CoC Compliance Package is a valuable tool for any organization looking to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. By providing a comprehensive set of procedures, policies, and supporting documentation, this package makes it easier than ever to achieve and maintain compliance with the ISCC EU CoC standard.

Procedural Package for compliance with the ISCC EU Standard for CoC

  • Key Features

    • Detailed Procedures: The package includes step-by-step procedures covering all aspects of the ISCC EU CoC standard, including:
      • Mass balance calculations
      • Segregation and traceability
      • Supplier verification and approval
      • Receiving, storage, and handling of certified materials
      • Labeling and documentation
      • Internal auditing and management review
    • Comprehensive Policies: The package provides a set of ready-to-use policies that address the key requirements of the ISCC EU CoC standard, such as:
      • Sustainability policy
      • Chain of Custody policy
      • Grievance mechanism
      • Non-conformance and corrective action
    • Supporting Documentation: The package includes a range of templates and forms to support the implementation of the procedures and policies, including:
      • ISCC EU CoC certificate
      • Material transaction records
      • Supplier self-declaration forms
      • Internal audit checklists
      • Management review reports
    • Customizable and Scalable: The package is designed to be easily customized to fit the specific needs of your organization, whether you're a small business or a large multinational. The modular structure allows you to adapt the content to your operations and processes.
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