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Sustainable Farming: necessity of future

We live by the wisdom of our ancestors. Our land is sacred. The food we eat is the best food on the planet. We work together as farmers and ranchers to produce food that we can use to feed ourselves and our families. This is our future. It is not going to change overnight. It is not going to happen tomorrow. It is not going to happen next week.

The concept of “sustainable agriculture” is based on the idea that if we produce more food, we’re better off. But how many people actually follow through with it? If you’re a farm owner, you have to be a little bit more careful. According to a report by the UN, the United States is the only developed country that does not produce enough food for its people.

There are many standards and guidelines for sustainable farming, but all businesses can be part of this commitments by getting ISO 14001 Certified.

In our opinion, the biggest threat to sustainable agriculture today is climate change. This has already lead to a dramatic rise in the global average temperature. The most recent UN report states that if we don’t adapt now, we will all be paying the price. It’s a sad reality, but we must act now before we get too far behind. We must do more to reduce our carbon emissions.

The U.S. (Western countries in general) food system is in desperate need of radical change, and that's why we’re partnering with new startups that aims to revolutionize our food system by using technology to incentivize the right things in the right places.

Our goal is to provide a better environment for farmers by investing in their farms and planting seedlings. This investment will enable us, as producers of fresh produce, the ability we need to grow more efficiently with lower greenhouse gas emissions while also developing new products that could be used on-farm.

PrimaPerfect has close relationship with Australian farmers, helping them to grow sustainably and efficiently. We are a proud partner of these hard-working farmers participating in a healthy and sustainable future.

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